Comprehensive Solutions for Your Four-Legged Buddies

  • Hypoallergenic, non-specialty, and face shampoo is included, in addition to nail trimming and ear cleaning.
  • All services are pending the dog's coat condition.
  • In Connecticut, all dogs and cats over the age of 3 months are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Copy of up-to-date rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian is required.

Standard Grooming Options - Priced by Breed

Please call us for breed specific pricing.

  1. Bath Only
  2. Bath With Face, Feet, and Sanitary Trimming Only
  3. Bath With Full Hair Cut and Styling

Puppy Package: Bath with face, feet, and sanitary trim for all puppies 4 months and younger - $27

Specialty Shampoos
  1. Optical brightening for white coats
  2. Color enhancing for darker colored coats
  3. Deskunking
  4. Conditioner
  5. Oatmeal for dry, flaky skin
  6. Medicated for relief of major skin issues
  7. Senior care for sore muscles and stiff joints
  8. Aromatherapy to calm anxious dogs
Premium Services
  1. Blueberry Facial - $5
  2. Teeth Brushing - $6
  3. Anal Gland Expression - $7
  4. Nail Grinding - $8
  5. Dematting - $9
  6. Flea and Tick Shampoo - $10
  7. Express Grooming - $15
  8. Nails, Teeth, and Specialty Shampoo - $20
  9. Deshedding shampoo and conditioner - $10
  10. Deshedding package with nails and teeth - $20

Please complete form prior to your first grooming appointment

Each service is priced by breed and can change based on coat condition and the groomers discretion. Below is an explanation of each service offered.

Bath Only - No trimming done.
Trim Only - Bath w/ face, feet and sanitary trim. No body trimming.
Full Haircut - Bath w/ full body haircut and styling.